In a ditch near you now.

Meadowsweet - Filipendula ulmaria

The creamy-white, fragrant flowers of meadowsweet. Photo: Mr Edible.

Meadowsweet will be asking to be gathered soon.  The creamy white blooms make an interesting musky-floral flavouring which is quite addictive once tasted.

It can be got when you haven’t got around to collecting elderflower that goes over earlier in the spring; this is how we first got interested in it some years ago.  It seems best to let meadowsweet blossoms mature until the end of July perhaps, and then use as a substitute in elderflower recipes.  If you remember driving though a waterlogged lane during the winter go back now and there is a likelihood is that meadowsweet is starting to bloom in the ditches there now – there is so much of it about, west Gower particularly has some impressive stands of it.

Meadowsweet and bee pollen honey caught the imagination of many after appearing in a restaurant review earlier this year.  It is pointless trying to exactly emulate cuisine like that at home but our humble meadowsweet and forest honey ice cream was well liked, flavoured with last year’s cordial.


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