Mr Edible goes to town.

The park scene could easily been lifted from Danny Boyle’s celebration of Britishness that was the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics. Mr Edible had broke his connecting tube journey through a London that was both more excited and emptier than he ever remembered to pick up a small salad for lunch at Ottolenghi’s Kensington takeaway. In a shady public park he joined the distinctive mixture of lunching office workers and boozing down-and-outs that were apparently invisible to each other to establish if, as he claimed on tv recently, that Yotam Ottolenghi’s middle name is indeed ‘salad’…

Gower grown green beans - flavour on a plate.  Photo: Mr. Edible.

Gower grown green beans – flavour on a plate. Photo: Mr. Edible.

Pondering the success of my three chosen portions; aubergine, stuffed pepper and green beans, I appreciated the well-judged and distinctive flavourings of the dressings. Among the intriguing ingredients on offer on their online store are ground Iranian lime, Lebanese and Palestinian za’ater, mahleb – ground St. Lucie cherry stones. But, however hard-won-by and mouth-watering as these spices were it was the flavour of the fresh ingredients that made it worthwhile crossing Kensington High Street.

When Prof. Edible first returned from a trawl of Gower farm shops with green beans we had no idea that we were going to be reminded of the amount of flavour that this, frankly, easy-to-grow vegatable can have. The all-year round Kenya/green/round/fine/pencil beans of the supermarket has become the ‘ubiquity bean’ (Phaseolus ubiquitus ‘Non-fabuloso’?) and in doing so has worn away the memory its true flavour from our minds. What elaborate dishes did we make with this source of fresh flavourful beans? Dear reader I’m afraid we merely steamed them and wonder wide-eyed at the authentic pleasure of their flavour.

Burry Farm

Burry Farm.  Photo: Mr. Edible.


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