And dearth shall have no dominion.

Mair’s bread (Mair’s Bakehouse, Cwmduad) has this particular quality; it appears to be caught in that puffy, tumescent state that seems unique to just-risen dough rather than the finished loaf.  This makes it look irresistible and the taste and texture matches it looks.

Fresh Bread and Goat's Cheese

Tasty Staples: Fresh Bread and Goat’s Cheese.

We buy Mair’s bread at the monthly Mumbles Produce Market, even if we have plenty Prof. Edible’s bread machine product, as we don’t wish to miss an opportunity to eat it fresh.  Of all the Swansea produce markets, Mumbles Market has the most attractive location at the promenade car park at Oystermouth.  Like all such markets, in terms of the commercial food chain, it has a ‘bottom feeder’ set-up with ‘top feeder’ products, and prices.   There are a bewildering number of items on offer; some being more permanent than others.  We seem to cope with this embarrassment of riches by making for the same stalls that sell good staples; passing the probably perfectly good exotic ‘gaudy fish’ to make for the unassuming, reliable types.  Since I had to turn my back on cow’s milk, cheese producers such as Cothi Valley Goats (Talley) have become a useful supplement to the supermarket goat and ewe cheese.

Shannon, Fastnet, Lundy, Mumbles Market: the location is so exposed that there are times where you feel the market should be included in that British institution – the shipping/fishing forecast.  I have been to wintertime markets where I suspected Meryl Streep had left The Cobb at Lyme Regis, bringing the weather with her, to pick up some shopping  at the rain swept Market.   Last Saturday the sea mist only warranted the fog alarm signal to sound out at sea making what was forecast to be a sunny day, cold and damp – good for the cheese smiled ‘Mr Cothi’  – we really do have to keep buying from him so he can afford to replace his missing front tooth!

Just to immediately contradict myself here is an unusual buy at this month’s market. Who could resist the sign ‘cockle sushi’ at the Authentic (Japanese foods) stall, the new frontiers of Swansea, Terroir Lush:

Samurai Swansea sushi

Cockle sushi; Authentic Japanese foods.

Samurai Swansea sushi

Samurai Swansea sushi; Authentic Japanese foods. .

Cothi Goats Cheese

Cothi Goats Cheese, a rather powerful batch of their blue cheese.


2 thoughts on “And dearth shall have no dominion.

  1. Very interested in your blog as I share the cows milk problem. (At least, I am allergic to the protein calcium caseinate so I can have yoghourt as long as they don’t add the protein back in as some do). Goat’s cheese varieties seem to have increased in recent years so those who have memories of disliking goats cheese should see what else is around. I have also experimented with making ice-cream using coconut milk (not very successful unless you add a coconut liqueur as it becomes very solid; the spirit makes it softer) and also by making my own almond milk from ground almonds. Unfortunately I live some way from Swansea so it may be a while before I can try your recommendation.
    BTW it was your visit to my blog that led me here so thanks.

    • Thanks for you message, fortunately I don’t to have an allergy as such to cow’s milk but what seems to be an intolerance. I was so glad to avoid the originally symptoms that I really don’t miss cow’s milk products that much. (It basically felt as if my body had stop recognising it food, in short it was if I had accidentally eaten some rubber!) Fortunately, goat’s and ewe’s milk cheese is so digestible for me in comparison that I can even eat it late at night without any problem. There must be many people with a similar problem seeing the amount of non-cow’s milk products about.

      I was a bit confused at first but I can see now that your part of the Hughenden bee project – all strength to you hives. I’ll have to wait for another life to keep bees myself, but I can Iive it now through you experiences. Best wishes. GHE

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