Kitchen conjunction no. 1 – Gugelhupf.

A kitchen conjunction; life is often like an one-armed bandit (discuss), the drums keep revolving and, momentarily, they inexplicably line-up on a combination that is a culinary jackpot, in this case it was:

one cheap Lidl cake mould + one breadmaking machine + one Lesley Chamberlain recipe = gugelhupf.

Eat it?  I didn’t know whether to put the magnificent shape on my head and declare myself king, or bow down and worship it …

Adapted from Lesley Chamberlain’s The Food & Cooking of Eastern Europe, Bison Books, 2006.


1 teaspoon dried yeast

200ml (half a pint) milk

350g strong white flour

pinch of salt

50g sugar

lemon peel

1 egg yolk

70g melted butter

I choose this recipe as it seems most adaptable to a bread machine (usually the domain of Prof. Edible).   The technique was very simple; I placed the ingredients in the bowl as recommend by the instruction leaflet, i.e. dried yeast first, the rest of the dried ingredients followed by the ‘wetter’ ones.  When the dough was ready (the machine’s ‘dough cycle’ took 45 mins.) I had to face a problem that I should have addressed at the beginning, how to get it around the central tube of the mould.  In the upshot I merely pulled open a hole in the centre of the dough and slipped it over.  The final proving was a longer period than I planned (about an hour) however by that time it had filled the mould to the rim.  Placed in a pre-heated medium oven (gas mark 4) for about 40 minutes, after which an inserted skewer came out clean.

I left out from the the original recipe a cocoa filling from anxiety that the dough was already as rich as the bread maker could cope with.  As you can see I needn’t have worried, the result was  light, brioche-like and delicate.  Today, I made up for the missing filling by covering the remaining half of the cake with lemon icing (just lemon juice thickened to a paste with icing sugar) the result is gorgeous.  Whose making the coffee?


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